When my husband and I were ready to buy our first house we thought we were very well prepared. We had some cash in the bank for a down-payment, and wish lists of all of the wonderful and pretty things we would fill our house with; plush rugs, a big new couch, matching copper pots and pans, a king-sized bed, and later, cozy nurseries to welcome our children. I signed into Pinterest more than my work email!

Here’s what we didn’t have planned: EVERYTHING else! Did a house have aluminum wiring? Was that a bad thing? What renovations get people in over their heads (and wallets) and which were do-able? Could we compromise now on how many bedrooms we had, before we even grew a family, or would that affect our resale? Should we even be buying a house this year!?

This is where Dorothy came in. Dorothy asked us questions we didn’t know we needed to ask, and gave us answers to all of our (sometimes unconventional) questions. Home buying became fun! I was learning something new every day (and Dorothy would take us every day, if that’s what we wanted)!

When the time came to purchase, and Dorothy told us it was the right move, we moved with confidence.

We love our home. It was a great investment at the right time. More than that it is our dream home; it is comfortable and welcoming and beautiful. The new couch fits perfectly. We brought home our baby girl to this place. We are forever grateful for Dorothy’s caring advice.

We’re still working on the copper pots.

Ellen & Aaron

When I was looking to downsize as my sons began to move out on their own, a colleague recommended Dorothy. I’ve never regretted taking their advice. Her knowledge and professionalism helped me prepare for the transition, get fair market value for my home, and find a new place that felt like home from the moment I walked in the door. Thank you, Dorothy!


We have bought and sold with Dorothy, and have had great experiences.

Dorothy puts her clients first and you can really feel that in the way she works to ensure you are getting what you need and want.

She’s friendly, down to earth and provided us respectful and unbiased information that helped up make the best decisions for our family.

We asked so many questions along the way and Dorothy always took the time to make sure we had the correct information. Dorothy always gave us lots of time to think about things and clarified details along the way. She really goes above and beyond to make her clients feel supported and respected. She is pleasure to work with.

Jen & Gizz

Dorothy guided us step by step and provided advice and services that helped us tremendously. Our home was sold in one day for the asking price! She is an agent who strives to provide an excellent service and her work and care exceed all expectations. Dorothy’s integrity and client’s best interest in mind is commendable. Thank you Dorothy’s for all your hard work and guidance! We highly recommend Dorothy as an agent.

Audrey and Jeff

We have worked with Dorothy Rice as our Realtor for a few transactions. She is knowledgeable about the market, and astute with her preparation before a transaction. We enjoyed every minute working with Dorothy, as she is personable, tactful, and able to provide relevant insights to help us maximize our return. We absolutely recommend Dorothy to every person we know either selling or buying a home in the Calgary area.

Joe and Tiffany

We have worked with Dorothy a couple of times over the years. She has always been super upbeat and easy to work with. I really like how she was able to help me stay calm when I was freaking out! She did a wonderful write up to sell our house and great pictures to make it look amazing!! We would highly recommend Dorothy, whether you are buying or selling or both!!!

Francine and Kim

Dorothy was patient, knowledgeable, and informative all the way through the home selling and home buying process. She thoroughly explained and analyzed the comps and was always ready to answer questions. My home was priced perfectly and sold quickly and my home purchase was negotiated efficiently and fairly. Dorothy’s humour and grace made what could have been a stressful situation a comfortable and enjoyable one! I trust her completely and recommend her 100%.